MFA.Thesis Exhibition 2020

At the end of the first year in MFA program 

at Art and Design College, Rangsit University, Thailand

We created an exhibition called "Why We Are Here ?" 'cause sometimes we asked that ourselves.

Now we graduated with a master's degree, We still asked ourselves more questions. 

We've many hypotheses about the answers we try to seek. Maybe we'll get them in the future.

But in this online thesis exhibition, we can describe our experiences as...

We learn out loud, We lazy out loud, We leave (on vacation) out loud, We (got) luck out loud,

We love out loud, We leveled out loud, We loop out loud, We lost out loud,

and now...

We laugh out loud!

Jerayud Sangprachum

Packaging Potential : Logistics as a Design Generator


        Nowadays, motorcycles are used to transport objects more such as postal transportation, Online food delivery service, or sent the product of general store operators such as gas transportation, automotive spare parts, etc. Therefore, the researcher wanted to design a motorcycle that helps to transport objects. The result is the researcher designed a bike that has a trailer to help store luggage. This trailer can be modified to be suitable for the needs of different users.

Jinhe Wang

The Joys of Cooking: a system that encourages preparing food

        International students living abroad miss the tastes of home food while they are trying to familiarise themselves with the new flavours and feelings of the country they are studying in. My design is modular DIY kitchen system, referring to Lego toys, designing kitchen utensils into small parts one by one, users can freely assemble to achieve the best, most suitable for their own personalized cooking space. To help and encourage them to keep cooking and find the joy of cooking in a limited space.

Natchanon Cholwatthanatanakorn

Waste Management in University

        The global population dispose of a large amount of waste every day resulting in mountains of accumulated waste that pollutes the environment since they do not realize the value of waste. Waste is also the origin of a number of health problems. Due to the overlooked value of waste, the author aimed to convert this precious resource to useful products or works of art by recycling, upcycling, or reusing waste.

Ornicha Chayaratanasin

Tools for ideas: Making Conceptual Information More Tangible 

       Human produce gestures while they are talking or explaining something. Hands play a significant role in learning and cognition. The purpose of this research was to develop a tactile toolkit through a combination of the concept of “thinking with hands” and creative brainstorming used to make conceptual information more tangible. The toolkit came with various materials. Each material with its unique characteristics could represent different situations, meanings, and thoughts, allowing users of the toolkit to relate their brains to their hand gestures in their verbal communication.

Suttichart Sarapaiwanich

Adding Design Value to Familiar
Product with Humour

        Almost the familiar products in Thailand from household stuffs to gardening tools from tablewares to stationaries from house to office products, they use the same design and function from the past for mass production and cheaper price from competitors. Their price is lower each year that different from the products with good design. So the design is value-added to any products or designs to make people pay more than their production cost. Why familiar products in Thailand didn’t add a good design to make a unique and sustainable price.

Thanakit Wanasook

Environmental Graphic for Hospital

        Hospital or healthcare is a place that is full of emotions, and most of them are anxiety, cause people always concern about many things when they go to hospital-like, their health, cost, wayfinding or procedure of service.

Graphics can help…Environmental graphic is like communication from the building, wayfinding and signage will deliver important information to ensure that all user will be not confused when they came in. In terms of decoration, the environmental graphic can create a friendly environment to make the user feel more comfortable and provide a good experience to them.

Wang Bo

The Redesign of The Tea Pot

        Drinking tea has a long history in China. Drinking tea with family and friends is a significant way to communicate and relax in traditional Chinese culture. Life changes with time; people have less and less time to communicate face to face. Today’s pace of life changes peruses by new technologies.Family members are now spending most of their time connecting on the phone. Therefore, they may not have perceived each other’s emotions, facial expressions, their inner thoughts, and feeling and as a result, increasing the distance between people more and more.

Xi Chen

Essential Decision a Minimal Approach to Design

        A messy desk will not only make people less efficient, but also make people feel depressed. Whether it is for work or study, a clean and tidy desk can make people feel more comfortable, more focused, and more efficient. Understand the connotation of minimalism, and use the knowledge of minimalism to solve the problem.