Tools for ideas: Making Conceptual
Information More Tangible

Ornicha Chayaratanasin

     During the brainstorming sessions, it was observed that a relaxed and informal environment encouraged people to come up with ideas and expand their ideas in multiple directions better. When one of the participants was stuck, sharing one’ s idea with others to find a new way of thinking helped them get through. The tools used to communicate the ideas also had a significant influence on thinking. It was observed that the participants decided to use physical tools such as large sheets of paper, post-it notes, and colored pens because these kinds of simple tools allowed them to see the whole picture much better than the electronic devices such as a tablet or a laptop. Another interesting observation was that these simple tools allowed the gestures of the body, thereby connecting to more parts of their brains.

       According to the research on hand and mind connection, this project designed tools based on the hands-on principles that encourage users to interact with them. The tools’ unique character due to differences in materials and textures help the users to communicate their ideas better and apply their imagination to convert their ideas to a more concrete form and can be useful in encouraging the user to apply symbolic into the model and sharing with others.


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Participants explore the possible meaning and feeling in each material and express the ideas by interpreting the meaning of the material in their own ideas.

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Participant used the tools to represent their thinking about the dream house


Participant used the tools to represent their thinking about the interesting in Design class

The video showed how user interact with the tools in the brainstorming process


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