Environmental Graphic for Hospital

Thanakrit Wanasook

        From the researcher’s experience, the directory and environmental graphics in either public or private hospitals generally did not work and failed to communicate with the users. In addition, the building plans were not primarily designed to suit the users’ behaviors, resulting in users getting lost and confused. The environment in the hospital was also inappropriate, having medicinal smells and insufficient light, which negatively affected the patients’ recovery.       

        In order to find a proper way to deal with these problems, RSU medical clinic was selected to be a prototype. In-depth interviews were conducted with the deputy director and other five clinic staff in order to examine the work process as well as problems arising. In addition, the behaviors of the patients and service providers were also observed. The information collected revealed that the facilities planning tended to deter the workflow of the clinic and the directory and environmental graphics were not clear enough that the service providers needed to answer the same questions repeatedly. The researcher, therefore, redesigned and improved the directory, graphics, and environment within the clinic by emphasizing the design thinking process. The design prototype was evaluated by three design professors from the College of Design, Rangsit University. The results from the evaluation showed that the prototype was satisfactory. The improved directory and environmental graphics were also clear and able to communicate with the clinic users well.

Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 3.40.21 PM.png

Brand identity was created by healing concept, graphic and pictogram were inspired from medical stuff, e.g. pills, capsule and bandage.

        The designed environment was appropriate for the recovery of patients. As for the facilities planning, the new plan was considered appropriate for the service providers’ behaviors and did not create confusion to the users. This created a good experience and decreased anxiety among users coming to the clinic.

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