The Redesign of The Tea Pot

Wang Bo

Drinking tea has a long history in China. Drinking tea with family and friends is a significant way to communicate and relax in traditional Chinese culture. Life changes with time; people have less and less time to communicate face to face. Today’s pace of life changes peruses by new technologies. Family members are now spending most of their time connecting on the phone. Therefore, they may not have perceived each other’s emotions, facial expressions, their inner thoughts, and feeling and as a result, increasing the distance between people more and more. The author believes that teapot will not merely be a cultural product but will also evolve as a centerpiece of human connection. If the family members join tea time together, it may bring back the good relationship among them. In this study, the author proposed five sets of redesign of tea sets, which were inspired by the concept of strengthening the relationship between the family members. This study started with an experiment to choose the best materials for the teapot. A survey for the preferable kind of tea between black Chinese tea and Green tea was conducted. The results were taken in to account as a criterion for the redesign of the tea sets. Moreover, the tradition in making a Chinese teapot, the process, and various aspects of preparing an excellent cup of tea were incorporated into the design.


Sketche 1


Sketche 2


Design 3


Design 1


Design 2


Part of Design 2