Waste Management in University

Natchanon Cholwatthanatanakorn

The global population dispose of a large amount of waste every day resulting in mountains of accumulated waste that pollutes the environment since they do not realize the value of waste. Waste is also the origin of a number of health problems. Due to the overlooked value of waste, the author aimed to convert this precious resource to useful products or works of art by recycling, upcycling, or reusing waste.

                The proposed campaign was aimed to educate the staff, the lecturers, and the students in the university on how trash can be converted to works of art or well-designed utilitarian objects. Making the participants realize the value of waste, the campaign was promoted through a web page designed to provide easy-to-understand infographic images that could persuade viewers to participate in the campaign and allow them to create a work of art or a useful product from waste.


In order to make it easier for people to access my work, I put some content on this website.I have created a book online where it explains the process of upcycling.By explaining how to upcycling with infograhphic, people can easily read.

Example of Infograhpic in PDF book


Example product

I have a video about upcycling to show the people in this exhibition.