The Joys of Cooking: a system that encourages preparing food


International students living abroad miss the tastes of home food while they are trying to familiarise themselves with the new flavours and feelings of the country they are studying in. They want to cook in their dorms and apartments, but they are limited by space and budgets to acquire a proper cooking workstation. This led the author to explore the challenges and problems of international students studying abroad. On the other hand, the objective of the study is also to encourage young people to keep cooking and find the joy of cooking in a limited space, while also improving the efficiency and convenience of cooking with a tight budget and having to choose the necessary modular kitchen systems. Data to support this approach was collected via face-to-face group discussions as well as surveys conducted on social media. From the result, it can be concluded that 80% of international students want to choose and customize the necessary kitchen parts independently and prefer it to fit in small spaces, thereby helping and encouraging people to cook. This article explores a modular kitchen system that can grow in the future. Which meets the purpose of user self-selection, choose the parts they need now, design and assemble a unique cooking island according to the room layout, as fun as playing the Lego system. It is easy to convert also maximize the use of limited space. When users need to move to a larger area and want to perfect their kitchen, they will not need to discard the original modules, but only need to assemble new modules according to their needs, thereby saving money. The modular system allows users to combine and place functional areas according to their habits to achieve efficient cooking. At the same time, the author will not limit the functionality of the module so that users can self-play. The lightweight feature allows the module to have greater possibilities, it is not limited to the kitchen system, and it can even grow into a portable working system by changing the size and materials


Left view of joint


Small kitchen 


Front view of joint


Extend kitchen


Right view of joint


Other  possiblity