Packaging Potential : Logistics as a Design Generator

Jerayud Sangprachum

     The purpose of this research is to increase transportation efficiency. The researcher studied the data and looked for problems in the transportation system in Bangkok, focusing on the behavior of the motorbike in transportation for Bangkok people today. The research found that aside from using bikes to transport people. Nowadays, motorcycles are used to transport objects more such as postal transportation, Online food delivery service, or sent the product of general store operators such as gas transportation, automotive spare parts, etc. Therefore, the researcher wanted to design a motorcycle that helps to transport objects. The researcher used tools to observe, and the interview forms by groups of people who use motorbikes regularly, such as General motorcyclists and Motorcycle users in their occupations. To inquire about the problems about usage and service issues for use to the design and development of bikes to be more efficient in transportation. The observation and inquiry results showed that most user groups have a problem with the luggage compartment of the motorcycle. This research has used the data to design and develop vehicles to solve the problem. The result is the researcher designed a bike that has a trailer to help store luggage. This trailer can be modified to be suitable for the needs of different users.


เก็บรถพ่วงทึบ (5).jpg

Cargo Motorcycle

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เทียบขนาด V2.jpg

Dimension 50 x 210 x 112 mm.

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Design Function

USB Charger


Ignition switch


Luggage space

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Function of Luggage space

Luggage rack

Function of Luggage rack

Cargo cart

Function of Cargo cart


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